9 Great Places To Sell Online: Selling Fees You Need To Know Before Starting!

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Before getting started selling online it may be a good idea to know what selling fees are involved. You may be selling online as a way to get rid of items you have lying around the house, or you may sell as a side business or second income. Whatever the reason you choose to sell. This guide will break down what it costs to sell on 9 online market places and how much payment processors take from your profits. 


What are the selling fees on amazon?

Before you start selling on Amazon, you need to know generally how many items you plan to sell per month. Are you going to be selling one or two items per month? Or are you going to be selling multiple items per day? The reason this is important is because of the way amazon charges for their selling plans.

Amazon Selling Plans

Amazon offers two selling plans: A professional and individual plan.

Professional Plan

  • $39.99 Monthly Fee
  • +Referral fees and variable closing fees.

Individual Plan

  • No Monthly Fee
  • $0.99 per item + referral fees and variable closing fees

Per Item Fee

The per-item fee only applies to sellers on the individual plan.  You pay a $0.99 fee for each item you sell while on this plan. For this reason, it makes sense to upgrade to the Professional plan for $39.99 a month if you plan to sell more than 40 items a month.

Referral Fees

  • All sellers pay a referral fee, no matter which plan they are on.
  • Referral fees vary by category, and some categories have a per-item minimum referral fee.
  • Sellers pay the greater of the referral fee or the per-item minimum referral fee.
  • Click Here to see the referral fees per category.

Closing Fee

  • Another fee in addition to the referral and minimum referral fee you should be aware of is the Closing Fee.
  • This fee applies when you sell any media items. The fee is a flat $1.80 per media item sold.
  • It applies to both the professional and individual plan. The categories the fee applies to are: Videos, Music, Books, DVDs, Software/Video Games, and Consoles.

Amazon Fee Examples

Media Products

Bonanza Selling Fees

Bonanza Membership Levels

While it is not necessary to sign up for a membership, and you can still sell on Bonanza without one. There are benefits to having a membership.  Just keep in mind if you add one this will add an extra fee.  Click Here to read Bonanza’s article about their different membership levels and the benefits they offer. It will ultimately be up to you to decide if the additional fee is worth the benefits you gain.

$40 Per Month

Gold Membership

$70 Per Month

Platinum Membership

$200 Per Month

Titan Membership

Final Offer Value (FOV) Fees

Bonanza fees are based on the Final Offer Value or FOV.   The FOV is the amount a buyer pays you plus any shipping amount over $10. There is no fee charged on shipping under $10.

FOV Under $500

  • 3.5% of FOV for standard booths
  • Minimum Fee $0.50

FOV Over $500

  • 3.5% of FOV for standard booths + a flat 1.5% of the amount over $500.
  • Minimum Fee $0.50

Advertising Fees

As a seller on Bonanza, you can use Bonanza Advertising to drive more traffic to your items. There are four advertising levels, each level gives you additional benefits, but at a cost.  Some of the benefits are having your listing show up on Google Shopping, the ability to use Bing Ads or have your listings published to eBay. The max fee each level will charge is listed below.


9% Max Fee


13% Max Fee


19% Max Fee


30% Max Fee

Bonanza Fee Examples


Depop Selling Fees

After selling an item on Depop you will be charged a 10% fee on the total transaction. (Item price plus shipping costs). This charge will be taken from the payment method you have on file (Paypal or Card) before any money is paid to you.

Depop Fee Breakdown

10% Fee

Paypal Transaction Fee of 2.9% +$0.30

Depop Fee Example


eBay Selling Fees

Ebay is one of the most well-known selling platforms online. They have three basic fees you will need to pay if you plan to sell on their platform. 1.  Insertion Fee, 2. Final Value Fee,& 3. Listing Upgrade Fee.  We will break down what each of these fees is and what they mean to you.

Insertion Fee

Generally, you are charged $0.35 per listing after you use all of your free monthly insertions. There are a few exceptions, but most categories fall under the $0.35 per listing rule.  If you have an eBay store subscription, you will have more free listings to use per month. Learn more about eBay store benefits and their fees.

Final Value Fee

For general categories, you would pay 10% of the final value plus any shipping you charged the buyer.  So, for example, if you sell an item for $10 and charge $5 for shipping, you would be charged 10% on $15 or $1.50.  There are a few exceptions to the 10% rule. You can learn more about Final Value Fees on eBay’s Website.

Listing Upgrade Fees

You have the option to add features to your listings, such as making the listing Bold or adding a subtitle or setting a reserve on your auctions. Below are a few of the available upgrades, check eBay’s Site for the rest of the upgrades and there cost.

Optional listing upgradeItem starting price up to $150Item starting price of more than $150
1 or 3-day duration$1.00$1.00
Gallery PlusFree for listings in the Collectibles, Art, Pottery & Glass, and Antique categories$0.35$0.70

EBay Store Fees

Store type
Monthly renewalYearly renewal
EnterpriseNot currently available$2,999.95

While it is not necessary to have an eBay store, there are benefits to having one.  Some of the benefits are more free listing per month,  discounts on insertion fees, and fixed priced listings. See all the benefits an eBay store offers.

Ebay Fee Example


Etsy Selling Fees

When it comes to Etsy, there aren’t many fees you have to worry about. In fact, for a basic seller, there are only two. A listing fee and a final value fee. Each one is broken down below.

Listing Fee

Etsy has a listing fee of $0.20 for every item you list on its platform. A listing is good for four months or until the item sells. After your item sells, if you have the automatic renewal turned on, it will renew at $0.20 again until all of your items have been sold or you deactivate the listing.

Final Value Fee

Etsy charges a final value fee after your item sells. The fee is currently 5% of the sold price plus any shipping and gift wrapping costs you charge your customers.

Etsy Plus Subscription *Optional

Etsy Plus is a monthly subscription Etsy offers to sellers in good standing. It costs $10 a month. The benefits of Etsy Plus are you get 15 listing credits, $5 USD in advertising credits and more. See the full list of benefits and be taken to Etsy’s article about Etsy Plus.

Etsy Fee Examples


Fiverr Selling Fees

Fiverr has one of the more straightforward selling fee. Note I said selling Fee, as in only one fee…   Fiverr charges $1 for every $5 you earn or 20% of your sale, you keep 80%.

Fiverr Fee Examples


Mercari Selling Fees

To learn about Mercari fees and how to get started selling on Mercari check out our Mercari Guide.

Poshmark Selling Fees

Poshmark doesn’t charge for listing an item. After you sell an item they charge a fee depending on the amount you sell your item for. For an item that sells for under $ 15 they charge a flat fee of $2.95 for sales over $15 they charge a fee of 20% on the total sale. 

Poshmark Fee Examples


Tradesy Selling Fees

Tradesy does not charge to list an item. They charge a fee when you sell an item, depending on the price the item sells for determines the fee. If your item sells for less than $50, the fee is a flat $7.50, if it’s over $50, the fee is 19.8%.

Tradesy Fee Examples


PayPal Processing Fees

When using Paypal they charge a 2.9% +$0.30 per transaction.

Stripe Processing Fees

Stripe charges a fee of  2.9% +$0.30 per transaction. Similar to Paypal.


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