8 Tips For Selling On Mercari

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Are you looking to learn about selling on Mercari? Maybe a way to sell your unused items that are just cluttering up your house?

Mercari is a selling platform where you can sell anything that you don’t need or for business purposes as well.

Mercari is the platform that will bring you increased customers for your stuff, and you will get a reasonable price as well.

You have to have good pictures and descriptions of your items so that potential buyers can identify you as a genuine seller, and your items sell faster.


Start By Signing Up For Mercari – Here How To Sign Up

Like any other selling platform, Mercari requires you to signup for an account before you can sell any items.

You can always join the community of Mercari by creating an account.

To join go to Mercari.com , and at the upper right-side corner of the page, you will see a person icon, click this icon and select “Sign Up”

8 Tips For Selling On Mercari 2

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The following tips and tricks should help you get your items sold on Mercari. 

Use Your Best Pictures

Pictures tell stories. You have to be more perceptive when you are taking pictures of the items you are going to sell.

Put the item in the clean, distraction proof area, where the picture will show the item completely.

I recommend using as much as daylight as possible because this will provide the most accurate representation of the item you’re selling. 

When daylight isn’t available i recommend using lighting kit that has “Daylight” bulbs.

Currently I use a lighting kit from LimoStudio they are worth the investment if you don’t want to be chasing the sun all day. 

Click Here To see the lighting kit i use on Amazon. 

Take pictures of your item from every angle.  Your customers would like to check the product from every side, to be sure it’s what they want. 

Don’t forget to take a close picture of it. This will enhance the details of the item you are selling and allow the customer to see anything they might of missed.

Describe Your Item

To get more sales, you have to be descriptive about the item you are selling.

If you look at retail store’s websites you’ll see how they describe their items.  They mention the features, specifications of the items and more.

You have to do something similar. Put a good amount of detail about the item you are selling, this will allow any potential buyer to understand exactly what they are buying.

It’s also a good idea to mention any flaws, any guarantees, or specification the buyer may need such as size,color, or smells the item may have.

Everything about the item you’re selling should be spelled out in black and white. This will help your customers to know exactly what they are buying and hopefully sell the item faster!

Create A Blog

Starting a blog is a good idea, once you start selling a decent number of items on Mercari. Especially if you sell the same items over and over, or similar items.

By creating a blog you can create content about the items you sell. Then link potential customs over to mercari where they can buy your items. The video below will tell you everything you need to know about starting a blog! 

Use SEO Techniques

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is essential for every online business. This includes selling on Mercari, even if your selling your first item or your hundredth. 

You don’t have to go into as much detail as the video above provides but optimizing your title and description to include keywords will go along way to getting your items sold! 

Provide Good Customer Support

When you are selling anything on Mercari, you have to make sure you reply to any questions your customers may have.

Potential buyers, maybe looking for additional details or more information on the products your selling before they buy.

Even though you have provided features and descriptions on your items, answering buy’s questions will make the buyers trust you more.

This will help with the popularity of your seller profile on Mercari, and in turn you will be able to sell more items.

How To Use Email Marketing To Your Advantage

You can always ask your customers to provide their email addresses, or collect them from Mercari.

Use these email addresses to send your customers email about new items or deals they may be interested in.

The video below explains how to start an email list. 

How To Use Social Media Marketing

In recent years, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram have emerged as the new platform for marketing.

Almost every business is utilizing these social media platforms to help them market their products.

So, when you are trying to sell something on Mercari, you can utilize these platforms to enhance your sales.

You have to open accounts in them and provide pictures and descriptions to them.  You can post relevant content there, and use hashtags.

You have to engage with your followers, and don’t forget to reply to the comments you get. This will help you build your brand, and it will eventually help you grow your business.

How To Set The Price

As an online seller, you have to keep something for profit, and for that, you have to set the price of your items two or three times higher than the lowest price.

So, when a customer checks the item, they will want to negotiate. This will help you get the perfect amount for the item you wish to sell.

However, you can also put a final cost to the item checking the market rate. This will also get you, customers.


You can sell any product you want on Mercari, and getting more sales boils down to you using the right selling techniques, like providing clear pictures and complete descriptions.

Stay well-connected with your customers by providing better customer service. Also, utilize techniques such as email marketing and social media marketing. Make sure to use your creativity when posting a listing.