How To Setup & Use Mercari Instant Pay

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In the past, if you wanted to transfer the money you earned from selling on Mercari to your bank account, you only had one option.

A direct deposit to your bank account. This process would take 2-5 business days to clear, so if you needed your money fast, you were out of luck.

Now, there is a way to instantly cash out as long as you meet the minimum amount for instant payout.

This article will be showing you how to set up and use Mercari Instant Pay! Let’s get started!


What is Instant Pay?

Mercari Instant Pay, as the name implies, allows you to get your money in minutes instead of days!

Like many other conveniences, this one comes with a fee. If you want your money now, it’s going to cost you a flat fee of $2.00.

For this reason, it’s best to wait until you have a substantial amount of money in your account before cashing out.

Cashing out $100 is the same fee as cashing out $10, but you’ll pay less in fees by waiting until your money has built up.

Below is a chart showing the differences between Direct Deposit and Instant Pay.

Get Paid Within Minutes.Get paid within 2-5 business days.
Deposit your balance to your debit card.Deposit your balance to your checking account.
$2 Fee for cashing-Out.$2 fee for cashing-out under $10.
Cash-out up to $500 per month.$2 fee for direct deposit reject.

Setup Process To Use Instant Pay

Getting started using instant pay isn’t as easy a just pushing a button. Mercari wants to make sure you are who you say you are.

You will have to verify your identity via Mercari ID Check before you will be able to use instant pay.

What is Mercari ID Check?

ID Check not only allows you to use Instant Pay but by verifying your identity, Mercari places an icon next to your name showing you are who you say you are.

This can build trust with any potential buyers. Mercari says they will not share your personal information. You can read their privacy policy for more details.

What Do I Need To Verify My Identity?

Once you make your first sale on Mercari, you will see a new “ID Check” link on your profile page in the app. 

Click this link will take you to a page where you can upload your ID and a photo of yourself.

You will have 3 forms of ID to choose from.

  1. Passport
  2. Driver License
  3. Identity Card

Once you upload a picture of your ID, it will ask you to take a picture with the app. The entire process took less than 2 minutes. 

After completing the process, it says it can take 24 hours to verify. Mine only took a few minutes, though; your results may vary.

Is Instant Pay Worth The $2 Charge?

While it is nice to have the options to get your money now unless I need it, I will probably stick to the direct deposit method or just used the money to buy something on Mercari.

If your someone who likes to have all of their money in one basket. By all means, use the instant pay feature.


In conclusion Instant Pay is a new way to get your money from Mercari, but it comes with a fee.

The process is quick and easy, but make sure you have enough in your account before cashing out so you don’t lose money in fees.

This is a great way to get your money quickly in a pinch, but I would recommend the direct deposit method if you have a lot of money in your account.