How To Change The Alternator On A 2007 4.7L Toyota Tundra

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So, you need to replace the alternator on your Toyota Tundra? In this guide, we will show you what tools you will need and the process of removing and changing the alternator on a 2007 Toyota Tundra!

After searching the internet for a guide on how to change the alternator out on this Toyota Tundra, we were unsuccessful.  So we decided to write our own!  Hopefully, you will find this guide useful, and it will help you get your alternator off.

Why Not Just Take Your Truck To A Shop?

While it would be easier to take your truck to a shop and pay a mechanic to fix it, if you’re reading this, you’re not that type of person… if you’re like us, you like to get your hands dirty and do it yourself than pay someone else to do it.

Out of curiosity, we checked with local repair shops to see what they would charge to replace the alternator.  The average labor cost was $98/hr.  The time required to replace the alternator would be 2.5 hours. This means fixing it yourself; you would be saving $245 in labor costs alone!


Let’s Get Started!

Removing The Belt

You will need a 14mm socket and a breaker bar to remove the belt. (If you do not have a breaker bar, you can use a ratchet and a long metal pipe piece. Just put the handle of the ratchet in the pipe and use it for leverage).

After placing the socket on the Tension pulley, Turn the pulley counterclockwise to remove the belt’s tension and remove the belt from the pulley.


Remove Guard Plate

Your Tundra may have a protective metal cover used to protect the engine’s bottom from dirt and road debris. You will need to remove this cover to access the alternator.

Start by removing the three 10mm Phillips head bolts near the truck’s front that holds the plastic bumper to it.  Next, remove the 5 12mm bolts Using a Ratchet with a 6″ extension or a deep socket to reach the bolts.

Once all the bolts are removed, there will still be two hooks holding the front of the cover to the truck’s bottom. You will need to slide the cover toward the passenger side to disengage these hooks and remove the cover from the truck’s bottom.

Remove Bottom Alternator Bolts

After removing the bottom cover you will now have access to the alternator.

Start by removing the two bolts from the bottom of the alternator.

One will be a 10mm bolt and the other a 14mm.

Remove power steering pump

To access the top bolts and be able to remove the alternator you will need to remove the power steering pump from the engine.

Do this by removing the 3 12mm bolts from the pump.  You will need an extension or deep socket to reach them.

Remove the bolts by going through the holes in the pulley.  Once the bolts are removed you can pull the entire assembly away from the engine and lay it to the side

Remove Remaining Alternator Bolts

Now with the water pump out of the way. You can remove the remaining bolts and remove the alternator.

Final Note

As a final note, It may help to remove the air duct from above the alternator if you’re having trouble getting it to come out.

Hopefully, this guide helped you with changing your alternator, if you have any questions or comments on future guides you would like me to make let me know by leaving a comment below.