About Me

Hello, my name is Ashley. I started this site for people who want to learn how to sell online.  I have been selling online for more than 17 years. I’ve sold on eBay, Amazon, Mercari, and many more sites.  I hope to build this site in to the how to of selling online sites.

Yes, I Know Ashley is a “girls name”  what can I say, my mom liked the movie Gone With The Wind. She will deny it to this day, but I believe I was named after Ashley Wilkes, a character in that movie.

That being said, you may ask yourself, what is this website about? Well, I will tell you.

When I’m not being asked to be a male model, people are always asking me to help them fix their computers, phones, cars, or other broken things.  I thought… Hey, I’m smart-ish, I’ll make a website about it.

I also sell items online so look for Articles on selling on eBayAmazon, and Mercari.

Thanks for stopping by!