10 Helpful Tips For Selling On Mercari

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The Following Tips Don’t Just Apply To Mercari. You Can Apply Them To Any Place You Sell Online.

In My Experience Selling Online, I Find Them All True No Matter Where You Sell. If You Haven’t Already Read My Beginners Guide To Selling On Mercari, it Shows You Step By Step How To Sign Up And Get Your First Listing Up On Mercari.

If you are reading this, I am sure you have finally decided to take the plunge and sell some items on Mercari yourself or at least look around. Or maybe you are already selling and want to expand your business. Either way, this post is for you!


1. Use Natural Light When Possible

Natural light is one of the key ways to make your item look beautiful in photos. Just because you don’t have an indoor lighting set, does not mean you cannot be creative.

Try looking outside for items like dimly lit backdrops or find a nice shady spot under a tree (just make sure it’s not damp). Even taking the photos on your porch or backyard will give you better results than shooting them inside.

Tip: If natural light isn’t an option, you can always use a simple desk lamp for indoor shots. However, keep in mind that if your photos are too bright or dark it will be hard to edit properly without adjusting the exposure. Make sure everything is well-lit and crisp before taking pictures!

2. Don’t Shoot Items That Are Too Small or Too Big

Proper sizing is important when shooting. Make sure the item you are photographing is not too big and distracting, but also take note to never shoot an item that’s too small.

If your photo is of a tiny doll for example, zoom out so it can be seen and appreciated as a whole! Also try to be careful not to shoot photos where the item is too big and takes up most of the frame.

Make sure your product is front and center, and capturing as much of it as you can so parts of it don’t get cut off. You wouldn’t want people thinking they are buying half a shoe!

3. Take Care Of Your Background

Use a solid color background when possible. This will help the item being photographed pop out of the picture more.

Make sure background items are not too cluttered or distracting, and try to avoid using an outdoor backdrop if it is windy outside or there are pieces of trash on the floor.

You don’t want buyers questioning whether they are getting a brand new item or one that has been used. Also Don’t use cheesy backgrounds when photographing your items!

Taking photos outside in nature, for example, is a bad idea if the leaves are blowing so much they are covering up part of your product.

Another common mistake is having half of an object cut off, like the top of a table or half of a shoe. Make sure items are completely visible by checking the photo before you publish it!

4. Use A Mannequin For Selling Clothing

As a seller of clothing, you should get yourself an mannequin. While it’s possible for people to take photos flat on one side and then lay them out so that prospective buyers can see what items will look like in person from every angle (especially close ups).

Using this type of setup just isn’t as effective because most folks won’t know how big or small certain fits are until they try the clothes themselves.

Not exactly ideal if your goal was getting someone else excited about having new threads delivered right away!.

A mannequin will give buyers an accurate preview of the article of clothing you’re selling and make it easy for them to decide if what you’re offering is right for them.

They’ll know just how a certain shirt or dress fits on a form that’s shaped like a human being instead of flat, two dimensional pictures that could be misleading.

**Tips: ** Choose a mannequin that matches the size of the people who would most likely be wearing the clothes you’re selling and then dress it in one or two of the items that you’re trying to sell. Keep the clothes clean – no one wants to buy clothes from someone whose mannequin looks dirty and unkempt, so make sure to check them before each photo shoot and wipe any smudges away!

5. Use A Distraction-Free Simple Background

Keep Your Backgrounds Simple. Don’t Clutter Your Images With Useless Props.

Your Buyer Clicked On Your Listing Because They Were Interested In What You Have To Sell, Not What Props You Have In Your Photos. 

Sure, It’s Nice To Showcase The Rest Of Your Room Or Area You Live In Because It Gives People A Sense Of Where You Come From.

However, All That Background Noise Can Easily Play Tricks On Buyers And Make Them Focus More On Items They Could Find At Home Instead Of What You’re Selling.

Keep It Clean And Simple. Show Clear, Focused Photos Of Your Item. 

Use As Many Pictures As You’re Allowed To Use. The More Pictures You Use The More The Customer Has A Chance To See Your Item.

Use A Distraction-Free, Non-Busy Background. Make Sure The Customer Can See And Focus On Your Item Not What’s In The Background Of Your Photo.

**Tips: ** Keep your background free of clutter such as furniture and any other items that could be considered distractions from the item you’re selling. Choose a solid color or pattern like stripes or polka dots to make your item stand out more. If you do use an interesting background, crop it so that whatever is in the background doesn’t compete with the article of clothing for attention.

6. Inspect Your Items Before Listing Them

Inspect Your Items For Any Flaws. Before Listing Your Items Carefully Look It Over. Front And Back And Inside Out. Make Sure You Know Every Inch Of Your Item Before You List It.

You Don’t Want To Be That Seller Who Discovers A Hole In An Item Or That The Item Doesn’t Work As Your Packing It To Ship It To Your Customer.

There Is No Worse Feeling In The World Than Having To Email Your Customer And Tell Them You Have To Refund Their Money And Won’t Be Able To Send Them The Item You Sold.

This Happens All Too Often With Second-Hand Clothing And It Can Ruin Your Reputation As A Seller.

**Tips: ** If you don’t have eyes in the back of your head, get someone who does to take a look at your items and confirm that there aren’t any flaws before you list them and get ready to ship to your customers. Make sure that any flaws that could be important enough to return the item and get a refund for aren’t downplayed or left out just because you didn’t notice them.

7. Point Out Any Flaws

Point Out Any Flaws With The Item You Are Selling. Take Pictures Of Them. Some People May Be Tempted To Hide The Flaws Of An Item To Get A Sale. Believe Us, Your Buyer Will See Them And Be Returning The Item As Soon As It’s Delivered To Them. Usually At Your Expense.

Take Very Clear Pictures Of Your Item. Don’t Hide Any Flaws Or Dirt Behind A Piece Of Clothing. Remember,

So Be Honest About The Condition And Any Flaws Your Item Has, Your Future Self Will Thank You.

**Tips: ** Be honest about the flaws that your item has and that you’re showing in the pictures you take of it. It’s better for customers to know upfront if there is a small hole or tear in an item rather than try to hide it and then be surprised by it when they receive their package. Always remember, if you don’t point out the flaws, a customer will assume there aren’t any so it is your responsibility to make sure they know all about an item before purchasing it.Have Your Shipping Supplies Ready

8. Have Your Shipping Supplies Ready Before Your Item Sells.

There Is Nothing As A Buyer I Hate More Than Having To Wait For My Items To Ship. Have Your Shipping Supplies Ready When Your Item Sales. Don’t Be That Seller Who Keeps Pushing The Shipping Date Back.

You Messed Up, It’s Ok To Apologize And Own Up To It.

For Clothing Items Such As Shirts Or Pants, I Recommend Using Polymailers. They Are Tough Enough To Hold Up To Mailing Process, And Not So Heavy They Cause Your Postage To Go Up.

For Small Objects, I Recommend Using Boxes With Bubble Wrap Or Some Sort Of Padding. (DO NOT JUST DROP YOUR ITEM IN A BOX) It Will Get Damaged. Guaranteed.

**Tips: ** Always make sure you have the supplies you need to ship your items (especially clothing items such as poly mailer bags and stamps) ready beforehand. If a buyer has to wait longer than they need to, they will get impatient and their patience could be lost if it’s something that was important enough for them to purchase and if it’s something they need. It is always a good idea to be as quick as you can with shipping out your customers’ purchases since this will make them happy, which makes you look good as a seller. Keep Shipping Supplies Around The House So You Can Ship Out Your Items Right Away.

9. Include A Personalized Message

Put A Letter Or Business Card Inside Your Package When You Go To Ship It. It Reminds Your Customer Who You Are And Lets Them Know You Care.

In This Word Of Automation And Faceless Corporations, Adding A Human Touch To A Transaction Can Go A Long Way. The Note Can Be As Simple As Saying Thank You For Your Order.

For Clothing Items, You Can Add A “Personalized” Message. It Doesn’t Have To Be Anything Fancy Or Over The Top. Just Something That Reminds Them Who Sent Their Item And Makes Them Feel Good About Buying From You.

**Tips: ** Always make sure you include a personalized message with your order (either in the form of a letter or business card). The message should thank your customer for their purchase and state who sent their order.

10. Disclose Any Pets You Have Or Don’t Have

If You Don’t Have Any Animals, Be Sure To State That Fact In Your Listings. Some Buyers May Be Allergic And Saying Your Items Come From A Pet Free Home Could Be What Gets You The Sale.

Some People Are Allergic To Cats And Dogs. If You Own These Pets, Be Sure To State That Fact In Your Listings.

Some Users May Want To Buy From You But Are Not Willing To Take The Risk Of Having A Reaction On Their Clothing So They Will Need A Note Saying Your Items Come From A Pet Free Home.

Nothing Will Get Your Item Returned Faster Than Your Buyer Getting An Item Only To discover It Has Animal Hair On It They Weren’t Expecting.

Bonus Tip 1. Don’t Sell Garbage

I Don’t Mean This Literally (But Please Really Don’t Sell Garage). If Something Is Used To The Point That You Wouldn’t Buy It For Yourself. What Makes You Think Someone Else Would Buy It?

There’s Nothing Worse Than Buying Something From A Seller And Finding Out That It Is In Poor Condition When You Get It In The Mail. There’s A Chance That Your Return Could Get Refused.

Your Items Should Be In Excellent Condition When You Ship Them Out. Avoid Any Accidents To The Best Of Your Ability And Have Your Items In Brand New Condition Before Shipping Them Out.

**Tips: ** If you wouldn’t buy an item for yourself, then don’t list it for sale. Be sure to be honest in your items condition.

Bonus Tip 2: Keep Some Money In Reserve

Don’t Spend All Your Money Once You Receive It. You Need To Keep Some Money In Your Account To Cover Any Returns That Maybe Opened During The Time People Can Return Your Items (Usually 30-90 Days).

This Keeps You From Having To Pull Money Out Of Your Own Checking Account. 

**Tips: ** Always keep some money in reserve for returns that may be opened after your items have been sent out. Keep at least 20% of your sales money in your account just in case a return is opened within the time frame allowed for you to receive it back.

Bonus Tip 3: Get A Shipping Scale

Buy A Shipping Scale And Use It! I Can’t Stress This One Enough. They Are Actually Not That Expensive. They Will Save You A Lot Of Time And Headache In The End.

While You Can Get Shipping Costs From The Post Office, It Is Much Easier To Just Buy Your Own Scale And Use That To Figure Out What Shipping Services To Use.


Mercari is a fast-growing mobile platform for buying and selling secondhand clothing, accessories, shoes, and more. In this blog post I’ve given you 11 helpful tips to help you sell on Mercari.

I recommend always including a personalized message with your order (either in the form of a letter or business card). The message should thank your customer for their purchase and state who sent their item(s) so they feel good about buying from you.

When listing items for sale on Mercari be sure to disclose any pets that may live at your residence if applicable or don’t have any animals living there so potential buyers are aware of what might come into contact with the clothes before purchasing them.

It’s important to get things in ‘brand new condition before shipping them out’ so be sure to have your items in excellent condition when you ship them out. Also, keep some money in reserve for returns that may be opened during the time frame allowed for you to receive it back (usually 30-90 days).

Getting a shipping scale is one of the most important tips I have for you because it will save you a lot of time and headache in the end.

If you plan on signing up to sell on Mercari, please use my special link it gives you $10 to spend on Mercari just for signing up!